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How do I promote my site via search engines?
Posted by Jamie on 14 November 2007 10:38 PM

The best ways to optimize your rankings in search engines are as follows:

1. Enter meta tags in your sitezadmin. Make sure that you use your company name, location, and type of specialty (portrait photographer, etc.). It is important in the keywords not to repeat a word more then 3 times, and to start with the most popular search phrases you want to be picked up under.

2. In the site title put the #1 search query you would like to be found by as the first part. For example if you want to come up when people search Wedding Photographer in Denver, that is what you would make the first part of your site title. Then put in your name, so it will look like this Photographer in Denver Jamie Banks. Next but also in your site title you will want to put the #2 search query you would want to be found by. The entire site title would look like this, "Photographer in Denver Jamie Banks. Wedding Photography in Colorado."

3. Put 2-4 paragraphs on your company in the box we give you for text on your splash page. Be sure to use a lot of key terms you would like to be found by.  For example use the names of popular venues in your area that you have worked at as a photographer in these paragraphs. These 2 to 4 paragraphs are really important but remember your clients will see this part.

4. Use your external links and link the websites of any venues/vendors/friends you can think of that relate to your business.

5. Add your link as many places as possible on the web such as forums, vendor lists, etc. If there is one particular phrase (such as Wester Massachusetts Photographer) that you want to be detected under add that with your link as often as possible.

6. Create and maintain a blog for your business. Mention your business name. location, and link as much as possible. Link directly to your main site from your blog and vise versa.

Once optimized as much as possible you can also submit your link(s) directly to the search engine for crawling. Unfortunately there is no exact time or method for submitting your site, but usually they start to show up in the search engines 3-5 weeks after the links have been crawled/submitted.

There are services that can submit your url information directly to search engines. These services can be found by running a search on google for "Url submit".

One SEO for flash websites product that you may find useful is It is an in depth video that explains how to optimize a flash photography website.

------------- Search Engines and your Current Site ----------------

If you rely on search engine rankings, and have very good ranking with your current site, we recommend that you move your current site over to our hosting and link to it from the splash page. This will allow the search engines to still crawl all the content, as well as dial-up users to have access to your company since flash doesn't open well on dial-up connections.

Unfortunately, because of the differences in servers, sites, etc. there is no easy way to write out instructions on how to move the site. Below are general instructions to assist in the process. If you run into any problems feel free to contact us and we will try to assist as best we can.

skill level: intermediate to advanced

what you will need: ftp login information for both servers, ftp program such as cuteftp ( or Filezilla (, possible access to both server's control panels

1. Log into your old hosting site via ftp
2. Select all files from within the web directory (usually www, public_html, root, etc)
3. copy files onto your computer (to a location of your choice) - this process can take quite a while if there are a lot of folders
4. log into your new hosting account (with us). Your login information can be found in your welcome email. The host can either be the server domain name (such as the server IP, or your domain name if propagated. Your username and password would be the same as your CPanel username and password.
5. go into the public_html folder. You will most likely want to upload your old site into a sub-folder to avoid overwriting any current files. The subfolder can be named anything (such as html, site2, oldsite, etc.)
6. drag/move all your old files into the sub-folder (public_html/subfolder/)

If you had a basic html page then it should be able to be seen at if your domain name is propagated. If you site was more advanced you may need to also move over any databases related to the site. In this case we recommend contacting your site's webmaster for assistance in moving the site over.
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