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Is FLASH bad for my SEO?
Posted by - NA - on 15 September 2011 05:30 PM
Is FLASH bad for my SEO?

We get a LOT of questions from clients, and potential clients, about the effect of Flash on SEO rankings. 

Most have “heard” or read somewhere that having a flash website will have a negative effect on your SEO, which is a MYTH!

Here is the TRUTH about FLASH and your SEO!

HTML has its pros and cons as does Flash. HTML can display your information on all browsers, and will work for your potential clients on dial-up connections. However, HTML cannot utilize the advanced features Flash can; like the animation, music, proofing, videos, etc, which help create a mood for your site to give you a strong web presence. 

HTML is better at being searched and indexed by search engines, and all your content can easily be read by the search engines. 

HTML displays differently depending on the browser which can cause certain sections to look really good on one browser, and not so good on the next. Because Flash uses a universal plugin it will look the same on all browsers. Also HTML cannot use specialty fonts like flash can. 

It is TRUE that most search engines will not index sites constructed entirely using flash. However, flash only hurt your SEO and rankings  if your site is all Flash with very little SEO content.  ALL Portfoliositez templates are designed with an HTML mirror, which eliminates this issue. 

The html mirror on the Generation I templates (including BLOG templates) is a basic one, designed to provide the same information, while maintaining the look and feel of the Flash site, but in a way that can be viewed on ANY computer, regardless of operating system or browser, with or without a Flash player. 

The Generation II templates have a non-styled version of this sort of html mirror site, designed to display the information to the Search Engines, making the content crawlable, but is not meant to be viewed.

But, regardless of which template you are using, your site has been designed to optimize your SEO by making it crawlable and indexable!

If you have other questions or concerns about Flash and SEO, we recommend that you  take some time to review some of the following sites and articles, which address the myths associated with Flash, as well as SEO:

And, as always, refer to Google Webmaster Central for answers to other SEO questions you may have!

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